I started sewing with my mother when I was a little girl. I remember stitching with a yarn needle and piece of burlap when I was very small. I graduated to outfitting my dolls, and won first place in the children’s category of a national embroidery competition when I was 11 years old. “That kid’s really going places!”, said no one.

My first job was in a fabric store at age 14, and I’ve been working in sewing and design-related jobs ever since. I currently freelance and very occasionally design something and put it in my Etsy store.

I’ve worked with vintage clothing, alterations, interiors, drapery, and bedding, as well as more unusual projects. I’ve made plush prototypes, sewed many a Halloween costume, and even created outfits for sock puppets for a TV pilot.

I love detailed work that takes time. Embroidery and hand sewing are my favorite things to do. I also enjoy knitting, and have been a sample and production knitter at times. I have some of my own knitting patterns available for purchase online.